Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Date, Time, and Powerful Blessings

Hanuman Jayanti 2024 is commemorated twice annually, with one celebration occurring on the full moon day of the Chaitra month in the Shukla Paksha and the other on the fourteenth day of the Kartik month in the Krishna Paksha. The first Hanuman Jayanti marks the birth of Lord Hanuman from Mata Anjani’s womb, while the second, celebrated a day before Diwali, signifies the day when Mata Sita granted Hanuman immortality as a recognition of his unwavering devotion.

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The upcoming Hanuman Jayanti 2024 in the lunar month of Chaitra is scheduled for April 23, 2024 (Tuesday), with the Purnima Tithi starting at 03:25 AM on April 23, 2024, and concluding at 05:18 AM on April 24, 2024.

Devotees observe this day by worshipping Hanuman Ji with vermilion, red attire, flower garlands, roses, ladoos, halwa, and bananas. Various processions and religious events are also organized.

A popular tale recounts Hanuman’s playful nature during his childhood, where he mistakenly attempted to consume the Sun, thinking it was a fruit. Rahu, the malevolent planet, tried to thwart him, but Hanuman emerged victorious. Seeking help from Lord Indra, Rahu’s interference led to Hanuman being struck unconscious by Indra’s thunderbolt weapon. This event caused turmoil on Earth until the Gods realized their mistake, revived Hanuman, and bestowed multiple blessings upon him.

This day holds great significance in Hinduism, particularly due to its association with Saturday. Performing Hanuman Ji’s puja and archana on this day is believed to alleviate troubles and bring happiness and peace. Hanuman Jayanti is considered auspicious for overcoming challenges related to Saturn, dispelling negative energies, and liberating individuals from issues associated with ghosts and spirits. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan on this day is highly recommended.

Hanuman Jayanti holds a special place in Hindu traditions, symbolizing devotion, courage, and divine blessings. Celebrated twice a year, the festivities mark the birth of Lord Hanuman and the bestowment of immortality by Mata Sita.


The upcoming Hanuman Jayanti 2024, scheduled for April 23, brings together devotees who express their reverence through rituals, processions, and prayers. The legend of Hanuman’s playful childhood and his triumph over challenges resonates, emphasizing the significance of steadfast devotion.

As individuals engage in Hanuman Jayanti celebrations, they seek blessings for happiness, peace, and the strength to overcome obstacles, making this auspicious occasion a source of spiritual inspiration and joy.

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